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Identifying true research provider value

Objective of OPAL

  • Unravel the inconsistencies of raw interaction data
  • Apply behavioral analytics factors to find the true value of your research providers
  • Identify how to efficiently utilize research budgets powering cost management performance

Product suitability

  • COOs, Broker Relations, anyone managing research provider relationships
  • CFOs
  • CIOs

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Transparency via dynamic dashboards

Objective of Rapid

  • Moving toward objective data aiding better quality judgment on value of your research providers
  • Interactive analytics outputs powering up decision making processes around research provider performance

Product suitability

  • Investment professionals
  • COOs, Broker Relations, anyone managing research provider relationships

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Primary interaction data capture

Objective of IRate

  • Providing fast, easy & in your workflow interaction data capture
  • Balancing out research providers interaction data
  • Building in critical MAR elements around corporate access activities powering compliance performance metrics

Product suitability

  • Investment professionals
  • Team assistants
  • Compliance

About Us

Quintain Analytics was formed in 2016 by, Stephen Carney and John Norris, who collectively have over 40 years of experience in Capital Markets. Our experience focused specifically on studying the interaction behaviors of investment management professionals and their research providers. We turned that extensive behavioural knowledge into a system to help firms isolate, understand and articulate where they are generating accretive value from research provider interactions.

Whether it's for effective research budgeting or value attribution (vote) purposes, transparency and/or collection of your own interaction data, we have products and solutions that can be configured to meet your data analytics reporting or software needs.

Some of the world's largest asset management firms rely on Quintain Analytics to harness their big unstructured data sets to help deliver operational and fund related performance and our mission is to continue to help firms navigate their way out of the data deluge.

Fintech Award 2017

29th November - Quintain Analytics
Wins UK Department for International Trade Hong Kong Fin Tech Award

CIO Award 2020


UKs Top 10 Capital Markets Providers

Quintain Analytics has been named in the UKs Top 10 Capital Markets providers in the December edition of CIO Capital Markets annual listing of companies at the forefront of providing Capital Markets Tech solution and transforming businesses – a great achievement!
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The Challenge of Valuing Research Provider Interactions for Asset Managers

Since MiFID II’s research unbundling rules came into force in January 2018, with the regulatory intention of eliminating the sellside’s practice of offering investment research as inducements to utilise their execution services by mandating that explicit fees are charged for research, the ‘value’ of research has become a pressing question. Rather than passing these fees onto their clients, most European ... Read More
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